Play one of the best quiz games ever made Impossible Quiz

About the game:

The game is simply about answering a quiz. Easy, right? I mean, how hard a quiz can be. Well, it all depends on your level of creativity, logical thinking and ability to reason. It’s a series of questions about the simple things we do on daily basis but twisted to seem incredibly sophisticated. Anyone can play it, as it only requires your ability to read and understand.



The player starts off with three lives and a life is deducted whenever you get a wrong answer. When you get three answers wrong, its game over for you and the game starts again.

Also at some point in the game one may get time bombs which are simply timed questions and you have until the bomb detonates. The time may range from a generous 10 seconds to a mean one second.

Moreover, after answering a certain number of questions, the player may be awarded a skip. This is to mean you can skip a question that you think is too hard for you to answer, or do not want to risk losing a life.

Game controls:

This game only requires a mouse as your control, to select the answers that you think are right.


A heads up:

The questions in the game are framed to look very easy and trick you into choosing the first answer that comes in your mind. If question is not timed, think a little bit more about it. The answer that you initially thought might turn out to be the exact opposite of correct. Also, do not assume anything, the answer to a question might not even be in the choices given, but in the question itself. So read it carefully and always, this is a game, don’t forget to have fun.

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