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The Ultimate Weapon -&- Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4

The Ultimate Weapon -&- Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4Tank Trouble 4 is the most recent version of the game series dubbed Tank Trouble. If you are a gamer, you must have heard of Tank Trouble but just in case you have not heard about it, here is a brief description.

The Goal
Tank Trouble is a tank battling game (just as the name suggests) that puts your tank battling skills to the test. The goal is to eliminate your enemy (which in this case happens to be a single player dog called Laika) and gather scores while you are at it. Tank Trouble 4 has the same goal, but with cleaner graphics, and better speed.

The Special Features
Tank Trouble 4 is a free online game! Yes, so anyone can enjoy playing it at anytime.
You need to look out for the computer-dog Laika. If you are not careful, Laika will shoot you down and you do not want to be shot in Tank Trouble 4. There are unique corners where you can hide from Laika and avoid her shots, and there are also special bullets which you can shoot to try and defeat Laika.

You will see some icons on your screen as you are playing Tank Trouble 4. Do not ignore them. These icons are the source of more powerful weapons. Try get as many as you possibly can.

tank games ruleThe Game Modes
Tank Trouble 4 has several game modes:

1. Single Player mode
Where your only opponent is Laika, the skillful computer-dog.

2. Multi Player mode
Here, you have the option of playing with a friend. However, both players have to play on the same keyboard. (I know, right?)

3. Triple player mode
In this mode, you can play with two other friends, but you still have to operate from the same keyboard.

The Game Controls

Tank Trouble 4’s game controls are pretty basic, making the game all the more flexible. Since it is a multi player game, each player has their own set of controls.

1. Player one
This player will use the keys ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’, and ‘F’ to control the tank.
You will shoot by hitting ‘Q’.

2. Player two
This player will use the arrow keys to control the tank.
You will shoot by hitting ‘M’.

3. Player three
This player will use the mouse to control the tank.
You will shoot by left clicking the mouse.

wallpaperIf you are the kind of person who never gives up, loves combat games and are a stealth player in the battle field, Tank Trouble 4 was made specifically for you.


World of Solitaire is an interesting computer game based on the cards. It is played on a computer and pretty much offers the feeling that you are playing a real deck of cards. With the many versions available, it is safe to say that everyone who is computer literate knows a version of the game or they’ve actually played it. The game can be played on your web browser or you can play the full online version which offers a richer variety from Canfield to Golf to Montana and many more you can choose from.

Simply put World of Solitaire is a game of strategy, skill and luck. Just like playing from a real deck of cards, the computer stacks up 52 cards in piles. The piles are arranged from the left to the right of the screen and the cards are placed on top of each other. Placement of cards also increases as you move from the left to the right. The card on top of the others on each pile is always placed facing upwards and the others face downwards.

The mouse is used as the primary control device. To pick a card, left click on it and drag it to a location on one of the four foundations and release the click to place the card.

There are four foundations and the main aim is to transfer all the cards into the four foundations. When all the cards have been transferred you will have won. The cards on top of each pile and all the remaining cards from the deck are eligible for playing. Basically you use the idea of arranging items from top to bottom. Using this idea transfer the cards from one pile to another. You will note that when you pick a card which was facing upwards from a pile, the next card in that pile will become the top card facing upwards. Play like this until all there are no more cards to pick from the deck.


Play one of the best quiz games ever made Impossible Quiz

About the game:

The game is simply about answering a quiz. Easy, right? I mean, how hard a quiz can be. Well, it all depends on your level of creativity, logical thinking and ability to reason. It’s a series of questions about the simple things we do on daily basis but twisted to seem incredibly sophisticated. Anyone can play it, as it only requires your ability to read and understand.



The player starts off with three lives and a life is deducted whenever you get a wrong answer. When you get three answers wrong, its game over for you and the game starts again.

Also at some point in the game one may get time bombs which are simply timed questions and you have until the bomb detonates. The time may range from a generous 10 seconds to a mean one second.

Moreover, after answering a certain number of questions, the player may be awarded a skip. This is to mean you can skip a question that you think is too hard for you to answer, or do not want to risk losing a life.

Game controls:

This game only requires a mouse as your control, to select the answers that you think are right.


A heads up:

The questions in the game are framed to look very easy and trick you into choosing the first answer that comes in your mind. If question is not timed, think a little bit more about it. The answer that you initially thought might turn out to be the exact opposite of correct. Also, do not assume anything, the answer to a question might not even be in the choices given, but in the question itself. So read it carefully and always, this is a game, don’t forget to have fun.

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