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Learn To Fly Hacked

This is a very simple game, it is an arcade type of game. Learn to fly 2 hacked is about a penguin who stumbles upon wikipedia and reads that his species cannot fly. This makes him angry and he decides to sho the worl just how wrong they can be. He decides to use rockets and glinders to prove the whole world wrong.

Learn To Fly HackedInstructions
Thr instructions to this game are pretty simple all you need to do is glind or fly as far as you can on your limited fuel. At the start of the game, all you will need to do is to keep your bird as steady as you can. This however will change the moment you earn your first glinder. Its is then you will notice that is just not about flying, you will add in some strategy so as to get even further. The game might look simple but its actually not, glinding might be an easy instruction but for you to unlock other levels, you will do more than that. In short the main goal here is to fly as high and as far as possible.

Just like the game, the controls are very much simple, all you will need to do is press left to hang back and press right to tilt foward. This will be the routine for the first few days, that is until you can earn your first glinder. You will laterget to use your space bar after you earn your first rocket. This will need you to press it with extreme surgical precision so as to get the most out of the limited fuel. The controls sound simple but the fact is, the smallest tild can make a huge difference.

super fast penguineLevels
Learn two fly hacked has some amazing levels, as you advance, you will get great cut scenes and of course great play. As you get the hang of of it you earn multipliers which in turn will help you unlock new levels. The game has six upgrades which can be accessed as you continue with the game. As the levels advance, you get to be a tougher penguin and in the same case you will fly much further and earn more multipliers abd equipment.

The equipments themselves are not at all bad, you will get aire resistance gear which will enable you to fly faster thus further. The game also has a headstart which will allow you to fly very far at a minimum time. The further you fly the better equipment and money you get.

The game itself promises great play time and of course time passing. You will not realise as the time passes by. Its an addicting game.

The Ultimate Weapon -&- Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4

The Ultimate Weapon -&- Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4Tank Trouble 4 is the most recent version of the game series dubbed Tank Trouble. If you are a gamer, you must have heard of Tank Trouble but just in case you have not heard about it, here is a brief description.

The Goal
Tank Trouble is a tank battling game (just as the name suggests) that puts your tank battling skills to the test. The goal is to eliminate your enemy (which in this case happens to be a single player dog called Laika) and gather scores while you are at it. Tank Trouble 4 has the same goal, but with cleaner graphics, and better speed.

The Special Features
Tank Trouble 4 is a free online game! Yes, so anyone can enjoy playing it at anytime.
You need to look out for the computer-dog Laika. If you are not careful, Laika will shoot you down and you do not want to be shot in Tank Trouble 4. There are unique corners where you can hide from Laika and avoid her shots, and there are also special bullets which you can shoot to try and defeat Laika.

You will see some icons on your screen as you are playing Tank Trouble 4. Do not ignore them. These icons are the source of more powerful weapons. Try get as many as you possibly can.

tank games ruleThe Game Modes
Tank Trouble 4 has several game modes:

1. Single Player mode
Where your only opponent is Laika, the skillful computer-dog.

2. Multi Player mode
Here, you have the option of playing with a friend. However, both players have to play on the same keyboard. (I know, right?)

3. Triple player mode
In this mode, you can play with two other friends, but you still have to operate from the same keyboard.

The Game Controls

Tank Trouble 4’s game controls are pretty basic, making the game all the more flexible. Since it is a multi player game, each player has their own set of controls.

1. Player one
This player will use the keys ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’, and ‘F’ to control the tank.
You will shoot by hitting ‘Q’.

2. Player two
This player will use the arrow keys to control the tank.
You will shoot by hitting ‘M’.

3. Player three
This player will use the mouse to control the tank.
You will shoot by left clicking the mouse.

wallpaperIf you are the kind of person who never gives up, loves combat games and are a stealth player in the battle field, Tank Trouble 4 was made specifically for you.

How to use different characters in winning Super Smash Flash 2

SSF 2 is a popular brawling video game that includes both new and all-time favorite characters such as Mega man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Goku just to mention a few. The goal is to outwit and outmaneuver your enemy by making moves that are unique to your character. Below are tips on How To Win Super Smash Flash 2 using a variety of characters. In order to play this game use Google to find site.

How to use different characters in winning Super Smash Flash 2Knuckles’s Strategy in SuperSmashFlash2

Use the Down+P attack setting to constantly throw missile rocks at opponents. While doing this, ensure you change positions regularly when they begin closing in on you quick. Also try hard not to eliminate them while switching positions, since this can make antagonist respawn back on you. Attacks should only be made when facing the other player. In another game, in unblocked impossible quiz main strategy involves just creative thinking and nothing more, funny isn’t it?

Fox’s Strategy 

By pressing Forward+P, Fox will make an attack by dashing forward quickly at top speed. Ensure you get as near to your enemy as possible, this will help avoid long range hits from them and also make your attacks more effective. Even so, be careful not to dash over the cliff if the jump moves left are insufficient. If someone hits you really hard, there’s always the option of dashing fast to nullify that hit completely.

Lloyd’s Strategy  

Lloyd’s finisher is somewhat similar to Knuckles, though Down+P will initiate a ‘Demon Fang’ attack in this case. This attack has a better marks range than Knuckles’ rock and does not arc easily, meaning the enemy will feel damages instantly. Though sometimes it may require an extra hit or so before eliminating a foe. Inuyasha’s Strategy Initiate Inuyasha’s winning move by running around on the base platform using the regular forward smash move, use whichever weapons at your disposal to make this strategy even more effective. When your overall percentage ratio gets to 100 then jump repetitively till a heart container icon is displayed, this shows that healing has occurred.

Additionally, there are various bonuses that can be achieved in super smash flash 2 unblocked such as Bird of Prey (4000) which can be attained by doing repeated aerial attacks. Other bonuses include All Ground, Berserker, Smash King and Smash Maniac.

Play Boxhead Zombie Wars Online

Play Boxhead Zombie Wars OnlineMany people like zombie games and shooting games as well, maybe this is why developers of Crazy Monkey Games have created following awesome flash game – Boxhead Zombie Wars, where gamers can shoot and destroy hordes of evil undead all day long. However, game is not really that simple, it requires some strategic thinking to avoid getting crashed by zombies, it is also important to use your weapons and game drops wisely and of course you should always place explosives in the right place to kill as much zombies as it is possible.

Now when you start to play the game there are two types of the map: classic and defence. Both are pretty good and both require different approach to succeed in it, it depends upon you which one you will find more entertaining. After selecting map you will have to choose difficulty which can be: beginner, intermediate, expert and nightmare. Last one is difficult as hell and requires from you pro skills to win this difficulty. If you are new to this type of games I recommend you to play beginner.

boxheadNow that you have selected your map and difficulty it is time to enjoy awesomeness of Boxhead Zombie Wars. In this game you can have many different weapons, small guns, shotguns, explosives, assault rifles, etc. When you kill zombies and they drop small black boxes you must pick them up in order to get new weapons and also ammo for your arsenal. You will have to move carefully and quickly at the same time in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of zombie army. Try to control your location on the map and shoot zombies while you are running from them, if you will follow this simple strategy you will surely succeed in this game.

Like I have said before controls of the game are pretty simple: with a help of arrow keys you move in different directions, X button can be used to select next weapon, Z button can be used to select previous weapon, space bar can be used to fire or place explosives and finally use 0-9 number keys to select your weapon.

controlsThis action shooting zombie game – Boxhead Zombie Wars, is excellent solution to relax after a long day and have some fun while shooting your way through army of zombies.