Play one of the best quiz games ever made Impossible Quiz

About the game:

The game is simply about answering a quiz. Easy, right? I mean, how hard a quiz can be. Well, it all depends on your level of creativity, logical thinking and ability to reason. It’s a series of questions about the simple things we do on daily basis but twisted to seem incredibly sophisticated. Anyone can play it, as it only requires your ability to read and understand.



The player starts off with three lives and a life is deducted whenever you get a wrong answer. When you get three answers wrong, its game over for you and the game starts again.

Also at some point in the game one may get time bombs which are simply timed questions and you have until the bomb detonates. The time may range from a generous 10 seconds to a mean one second.

Moreover, after answering a certain number of questions, the player may be awarded a skip. This is to mean you can skip a question that you think is too hard for you to answer, or do not want to risk losing a life.

Game controls:

This game only requires a mouse as your control, to select the answers that you think are right.


A heads up:

The questions in the game are framed to look very easy and trick you into choosing the first answer that comes in your mind. If question is not timed, think a little bit more about it. The answer that you initially thought might turn out to be the exact opposite of correct. Also, do not assume anything, the answer to a question might not even be in the choices given, but in the question itself. So read it carefully and always, this is a game, don’t forget to have fun.

It’s now your chance to start playing. Impossible Quiz awaits you.

Test your reflexes with MX Vs ATV: Reflex

Test your reflexes with MX Vs ATV - ReflexAre you a dirt bike games addict? If the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this game – MX Vs ATV: Reflex, because it has everything you are looking for!


When it comes to the gameplay, the key focus is on riding motocross or supercross, but that’s not all! You have a chance to explore various events like free ride, omnicross, champion sport track, freestyle motocross and waypoint racing. This game is featuring a new physics engine. What is so great about this game? The thing with this game is that the reflex system allows you to drive your motocross bike like you would in the real world! Not only that, there is real-time terrain deformation built in the game. This new feature allows you to carve into the ground and make berms,ruts or braking bumps, giving you the feel of real life driving experience! MX Vs ATV: Reflex was developed by Rainbow Studios and that is clear in every aspect of the game. If you want to find other dirt bike games check link which we have provided.


If you are thinking controls must take ages to figure out, don’t be so sure! MX Vs ATV: Reflex features new control scheme which is named ‘reflex’ and it utilizes both of your analog sticks. With the left analog you control the handlebars and with the right analog you control the rider’s body movement. Tricks and stunts are pretty simplified from the earlier versions, so all you need to do is hold the modifier control and use your right analog to make different combinations and flips. They are pretty easy to learn, but it takes time to master them.


MX Vs ATV: Reflex is available to play on Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Cloud (OnLive). What did other gamers think of this game? The overall reception was pretty good, since many people noticed the new physics engine and real-time terrain deformation. It received a lot of praise for it’s new control scheme – most of the people find it amusing and easy to use! When it comes to the Metacritic overall score, this game gets 77 on the PS3 and 78 on the Xbox 360, which is pretty good for this type of the game.

levelGeneral Impression

Considering everything this game has to offer, and it has a lot, it definitely deserves a try. It has everything you are looking for and is among the top of the list of dirt bike games. Be ready to save some time for yourself and enjoy this great game. When you master all the stunts and tricks test your skills versus other players in an online battle in a public room. Recommend it to a friend and challenge them for a ride in a private room. If you aren’t that competitive, you can play mini games with up to 11 other players and just enjoy the game and have fun!

How to use different characters in winning Super Smash Flash 2

SSF 2 is a popular brawling video game that includes both new and all-time favorite characters such as Mega man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Goku just to mention a few. The goal is to outwit and outmaneuver your enemy by making moves that are unique to your character. Below are tips on How To Win Super Smash Flash 2 using a variety of characters. In order to play this game use Google to find site.

How to use different characters in winning Super Smash Flash 2Knuckles’s Strategy in SuperSmashFlash2

Use the Down+P attack setting to constantly throw missile rocks at opponents. While doing this, ensure you change positions regularly when they begin closing in on you quick. Also try hard not to eliminate them while switching positions, since this can make antagonist respawn back on you. Attacks should only be made when facing the other player.

Fox’s Strategy 

By pressing Forward+P, Fox will make an attack by dashing forward quickly at top speed. Ensure you get as near to your enemy as possible, this will help avoid long range hits from them and also make your attacks more effective. Even so, be careful not to dash over the cliff if the jump moves left are insufficient. If someone hits you really hard, there’s always the option of dashing fast to nullify that hit completely.

Lloyd’s Strategy  

Lloyd’s finisher is somewhat similar to Knuckles, though Down+P will initiate a ‘Demon Fang’ attack in this case. This attack has a better marks range than Knuckles’ rock and does not arc easily, meaning the enemy will feel damages instantly. Though sometimes it may require an extra hit or so before eliminating a foe. Inuyasha’s Strategy Initiate Inuyasha’s winning move by running around on the base platform using the regular forward smash move, use whichever weapons at your disposal to make this strategy even more effective. When your overall percentage ratio gets to 100 then jump repetitively till a heart container icon is displayed, this shows that healing has occurred.

Additionally, there are various bonuses that can be achieved in super smash flash 2 unblocked such as Bird of Prey (4000) which can be attained by doing repeated aerial attacks. Other bonuses include All Ground, Berserker, Smash King and Smash Maniac.

Everything you need to become a professional Return Man


“Return Man” is the first in a series of free American football flash game by ESPN Arcade, simply titled “Return Man”.
The game may seem pretty straight forward with no complicated instructions until you start to play.
Judging by its popularity, it’s therefore not surprising that Return Man is one of the most popular and entertaining flash games around.

So what is this game about?

You have one objective; get the ball (punt) and then run down the length of the field, all the while dodging your opponents tackles, in an attempt to score a touchdown.
If you don’t make it to the end zone, you lose a “possession”.
Your “possession” is represented by a series of footballs on your screen. These are your “lives”.
The game starts with 4 total “possessions”.
Like any other game, return man has multiple levels that players can advance through, depending on your skill.
As you run down the field you shall need all the help you can get to avoid the opponent defenders.
There is one catch though! You are not allowed to run backwards, you can only move forward.
Everything you need to become a professional Return Man

So how do you play Return Man?

Since the Return Man game series is entirely flash based, you control your player using your computer keyboard.
Use the “I” keyboard key to move your player forward, while simultaneously using the “J” keyboard key to dodge or run left and the “L” keyboard key to dodge or run right.
You are not allowed to run backwards!

When the whistle sounds to start the game, you receive the football then start running to the other side.
Use your three defenders to make sure that you are not tackled before making a touchdown.
Make sure you don’t leave your defenders too far behind, or you shall regret the result.
If you are tackled before your touchdown, you gain points depending on how many yards you have moved.

As you play the game and improve your skill, you will eventually unlock special moves and extra “possessions”.
You can control these special moves using your keyboard; Use the “A” keyboard key for the “Juke” special move, the “S” keyboard key for the “Hurdle” special move and the “D” keyboard key for the “Afterburner” special move.
These special moves come in very handy when trying to get by the defenders.
As an added bonus, you can run over lightning bolts for a speed burst and some bonus points.

ESPN Sport Games and 2K Games Continue On with the Career-Based NBA 2K16

ESPN Sport Games and 2K Games Continue On with the Career-Based NBA 2K16ESPN has collaborated with 2K games to bring about a fantastic new entry in the famed NBA 2K series. In September, NBA 2K16 will launch and continue the series traditions of realistic play and inspiring visuals.

What is Included This Time Around?
2K games continues the staples of the ESPN sport games. NBA 2K16 deploys a real simulation of basketball at the college level. Players can change settings when it comes to all the major features: commentary, half-time shows, real physics, replays, crowd moments, and anything else that goes into making the game a simulation.

How about the Controls?
The controls are almost identical in NBA 2K16 as they were in the ’15 iteration. Players use x (on the Playstation 4 version) to switch players and square to pass the ball. All controls can be customized using a variety of built-in gameplay control templates. These control settings will carry over to Internet play.

What is MyCareer Mode Like?
In a bizarre twist of events, film director Spike Lee helped develop the MyCareer mode. Though NBA 2K has had a career mode since 1999, this is potentially the most realized version to date. The game applies a few features that develop MyCareer in enthralling new directions. For one, the career moves from high School to college ball, and follows real-life profiles to develop a realistic depiction of this transition. Players can enjoy the full body scan that depicts players bulk and build. Previous games in the series would only look at the face, and do minor adjustments based on height. The MyCareer mode is very story-centric, and uses money on team building strategies as well as a narrative to bring the experience to another level. Game players can even select to follow one particular player, from High School to the pro leagues.

The game is available on current generation, Playstation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Developers are also bringing it over to last generation, including Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

How to play Happy Wheels full game for free

Happy Wheels is a top-rated physics-based online game that features many amazing characters who use unusually different vehicles to pass through many different levels in the game. It’s popular for its graphic violence and also it involves user created game content including several game maps that are shared online.

Depending on the level one is playing, the goal varies. Most of the game’s levels have goals such as collecting tokens or the player reaching the finish line. The game allows viewing of replays where the players are prompted with a choice to upload replays of their already played levels.

Players of Happy Wheels are also allowed to create their own custom levels. The game provides many game objects and tools that players can use to build their levels with. The game maps uploaded on the public server are easily accessible by users.

play happy wheels

Happy Wheels Full Game Instructions

Figuring out Happy Wheels is very simple. Half of the fun experienced while playing is seeing your game character getting thrown all over the screen as you anxiously press on the keys on your keyboard.

To start the game just click Play and choose any featured levels that you want to play and click Play Now. If you end up not enjoying a level, just switch over to a new one for a new game experience.

Instructions for each level constantly change with each progress a player makes in the game. The general instructions of the game include:

  1. Getting your game character across the board in one piece rather than a half bloody creeping zombie.
  2. Paying attention to instructions while playing the game for hints to do something. So as to advance through the game, ensure that you meet each goal on the different levels or alternatively give up and choose another level.
  3. To choose a different level, restart by Hitting MENU option.

There are many demo versions of the game available on other sites but if you want to get complete access to the Happy Wheels full game, visit

Game Controls

The game’s main control keys include the arrow keys, shift key, space bar, control key (ctrl) and letter Z.

The arrow keys are for movement while playing the game. UP arrow moves the character right (forward) and the DOWN arrow moves the character left (back). The RIGHT arrow key is for leaning forward and the LEFT arrow key is for leaning back.

The SPACE Bar is for special abilities such as boost or jumping obstacles i.e. depending on the character one is playing.

To eject from your wheeled craft, press the Z letter key on your keyboard.

The shift and control (ctrl) keys are used as secondary actions to the primary action key which is the space bar on specific levels. Also, depending on the game character selected, the primary and secondary action keys mentioned earlier on, provide unique abilities.

happy wheels characters

All 10 Unique Character Abilities

  1. Wheelchair character – hit space bar for boost, to rotate the jet use shift and control (Ctrl) keys.
  2. Segway character – jump using the space bar, change posture using Ctrl & shift.
  3. Woman with shopping cart (Effective Shopper) – use space bar to jump obstacles.
  4. Moped Couple – use space bar for boost, brake using Ctrl, eject using shift, to change camera to woman use C.
  5. Dad or Mom (with kid on a bike) – brake using the space bar, to eject each rider use shift and ctrl respectively, switch camera to child using C.
  6. Lawnmower Man character – jump using spacebar.
  7. Explorer character – lean using Shift and Ctrl, to attach cart to rails hold Space bar.
  8. Santa Claus character – float using space bar, release elves after they are injured using shift, switch camera to elves using C.
  9. Pogostick Man character – charge a greater bounce by holding space bar, change posture using shift & Ctrl.
  10. Helicopter Man character – release the magnet using space bar, raise and lower the magnet using shift & Ctrl.


Play Boxhead Zombie Wars Online

Play Boxhead Zombie Wars OnlineMany people like zombie games and shooting games as well, maybe this is why developers of Crazy Monkey Games have created following awesome flash game – Boxhead Zombie Wars, where gamers can shoot and destroy hordes of evil undead all day long. However, game is not really that simple, it requires some strategic thinking to avoid getting crashed by zombies, it is also important to use your weapons and game drops wisely and of course you should always place explosives in the right place to kill as much zombies as it is possible.

Now when you start to play the game there are two types of the map: classic and defence. Both are pretty good and both require different approach to succeed in it, it depends upon you which one you will find more entertaining. After selecting map you will have to choose difficulty which can be: beginner, intermediate, expert and nightmare. Last one is difficult as hell and requires from you pro skills to win this difficulty. If you are new to this type of games I recommend you to play beginner.

boxheadNow that you have selected your map and difficulty it is time to enjoy awesomeness of Boxhead Zombie Wars. In this game you can have many different weapons, small guns, shotguns, explosives, assault rifles, etc. When you kill zombies and they drop small black boxes you must pick them up in order to get new weapons and also ammo for your arsenal. You will have to move carefully and quickly at the same time in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of zombie army. Try to control your location on the map and shoot zombies while you are running from them, if you will follow this simple strategy you will surely succeed in this game.

Like I have said before controls of the game are pretty simple: with a help of arrow keys you move in different directions, X button can be used to select next weapon, Z button can be used to select previous weapon, space bar can be used to fire or place explosives and finally use 0-9 number keys to select your weapon.

controlsThis action shooting zombie game – Boxhead Zombie Wars, is excellent solution to relax after a long day and have some fun while shooting your way through army of zombies.